Puglia Italy

Did you ever spend a Holiday in Italy? Sure you’ll answer yes!

How couldn’t a traveller visit the magnificent Italian country, his artistic cities like Florence, Venice, Rome, full of historical meanings, of inimitable churches and buildings, his richness of painters, sculptor, architects? The unforgettable landscapes of blue seas and high mountains? And the wonderful Italian kitchen, pasta, pizza, wines and oils with their unique taste?

That’s so, Italy represent an inimitable place where live your holidays and, why not? Also, finally, choose to live in, like lot of foreigner people has chosen to do.

If you still had a journey in Italy, and you still never went to Puglia, this is the time.! you must go there!

You’ll discover the roots of the western civilization, in this land full of history and culture, where the past has let to us important and magnificent memories: The Greeks has let us important cities, ancient colonies built on the coasts to expand traffics and commerce, that still nowadays remain important harbours, like Taranto and Otranto. The Roman Empire also let his mark, in important buildings and temples which some important ruins still remains to remember us her glory and power.

You’ll be fascinated by castles, towers and walls built in the medieval age, when the Cristian emperors and crusaders started from there to Palestine, trying to conquer the holy grave of Christ. Castel del Monte is a wonderful castle that you won’t be messing to visit, a portentous examlpe of architectural knowledge mixed with magical and religious meaning that anyway remains unknown still to understand in his unknown complexity. On the coasts, hundreds of towers were built, and still remains today, to scan the sea if the secular enemies of the populations, the Saraceni, were coming from the sea. In Puglia you can find thousands of churches and religious sites, all along the land, from the ancient little churches excavated in the stone like the rocky churches in Canosa, to the magnificent baroques churches that make Lecce so wonderful.

And then, travel in Puglia in order to see the sea! The sweet sea that softly spreads along the sandy beaches, dominated by ancient towers or singular natural sculptures like in the beach of Pizzomunno with the 25 metres high monolith, or where blue waters surround high cliffs, where the erosion of wind and water has built fascinating caves.

To have a break, or joining the pleasure of the table, Puglia offers a kitchen rich of an intense mixture of taste, with his land products elaborated in delightful “pasta” like orecchiette and cavatelli, the wonderful oil, and the sweet, gentle wines.

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